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Digital is my passion
finance, my profession

On track to go digital

In our digital age, setting and maintaining the direction of the business has become more demanding than ever before.

Successful founders and board members have entrusted me with the business and finance strategy of their companies for over 20 years.

I have worked in many positions, starting out as an auditor and working my way up to the Group CFO of a DAX listed company. This has provided me with a good solid knowledge base, which I can call upon to guide and help navigate companies through change.

Working with management and employees, I would like to jointly master the challenges of change, growth and strategic new positioning, in addition to the digital transformation of your company.

I am Christian Bigatà and I look forward to our journey together through exciting times.

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My flight times

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CFO (TecDAX, SDAX) and further positions in 5 world class companies with a global footprint in the technology and FMCG industries.

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Working on digital transformations and shaping business models to seize market opportunities.

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M&A Deals

From A to Z – including investor roadshow pitches, financing rounds, M&A and carve‐out activities.

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Growth and efficiency programmes planned, shaped and implemented

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Employed in international projects in 4 continents

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Digital is my passion – Finance, my profession

My key skill is to successfully digitalize analog business models and customer processes.

I am convinced that change is the enabler for sustainable top performance to become the leader.

I love exciting challenges and demanding projects and to prove that almost everything is possible. This includes my claim to make the world a better place through change.

Commitment is my guiding principle. I commit to what I promise to deliver and deliver what I have committed to.

People are the basis for success – if we change the way people think, we can change the way they act.

A “hands‐on” approach is compulsory. With the right vision and strategy positive results will be achieved.

I inherited an international background. My German and Spanish roots were the basis for living and working in 15 countries.

Free time for me means spending time with my wife, three children and friends and recharging my batteries. I keep myself fit through my various sport‐related hobbies.

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Cockpit of Competence

Flight experience

  • Business and finance strategy
  • Company financing including free cash‐flow optimisation
  • Growth and efficiency programmes
  • Restructuring
  • M&A, carve‐out, post‐merger integration, pre‐IPO
  • Organisational development (high performace organisation)
  • Business intelligence and data analytics architecture (ERP/ MIS)
  • Leading complex teams (local and international)


  • eCommerce
  • Internet portals and services
  • Software and IT consulting
  • Online marketing
  • Webhosting
  • Data analytics
  • Market research
  • FMCG

Successful flight maneuvers for ...

... a global top 5 industry player in Market Research

  • Company refinancing in the three‐digit million euro range (underwriting and syndication process with 20+ banks).
  • Transformation programme for 100+ markets.
  • Working capital programme in the three‐digit million euro range.
  • Resetting of the financial systems landscape (Datawarehouse, ERP, BI platform).
  • Re‐design of the global finance organisation (800+ employees).
  • Implementation of a global risk and assurance management organization.
  • Implementation of GDPR for the EU zone (20+ countries with over 400 applications). Set‐ up of a global data protection team.
  • Divestitures in the three‐digit million euro range including a carve‐out process in 20+ countries.
  • De‐listing from the SDAX.

... one of the European market leaders for Internet Services and Webhosting

  • Investor strategy and roadshow including the sale of a minority interest to a private (enterprise value in the billion euro range).
  • Acquisition of one of the largest Web‐hosting companies in Germany (in the three‐digit million euro range) and a further acquisition to gain coverage in the Eastern European market.
  • Preparation for a potential IPO including carve‐out / due diligence.
  • Due diligence projects for potential acquisitions in the Webhosting sector.
  • Transformation programme to increase platform scalability and to improve EBIT (achieved improvement in the double‐digit percentual range).
  • Restructuring of the Finance organisation.
  • Standardisation of management reporting for subsidiaries.
  • Post merger integration of companies in Spain and the UK.

... two Internet portals with extensive coverage of the German speaking countries

  • Merger in the affiliate marketing sector.
  • Closing of strategic alliance for registration and single sign‐on services.

... top 10 Software company in Germany with focus on Enterprise Software/ Middleware and Industry 4.0 applications

  • EBIT – cost saving initiatives in the 2‐digit million Euro range.
  • Free‐cash‐flow improvements in the 2‐digit million Euro range through the introduction of a working capital programme.
  • Post‐merger integration of 3 acquisitions.
  • Turnaround project of a subsidiary.
  • Standardisation of the most important finance processes of the EMEA markets.
  • Restructuring of a licensed business including the business strategy (EBIT margin improvement in the 2‐digit percentage range).

... a global market leader in eCommerce

  • Expansion in new business areas.
  • Set‐up of a finance organisation for further expansion.
  • Standardisation of the planning processes for all business areas and the product portfolio.

... a leading global Food manufacturing company

  • Re‐engineering of the reporting and controlling systems.
  • Introduction of efficiency programmes in manufacturing facilities.
  • Transformation from a distributor model to a direct sales strategy.
  • Post‐merger integration projects.
  • Implementation of reporting systems compliant with IFRS.
  • Audit and internal consulting projects leading to a double‐digit million euro saving in the areas of procurement, production, marketing and organisational development.

My journey

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Future Destinations

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I solve your challenges on an interim basis, as your partner and acting as an entrepreneur within your company.

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